Going Beyond

Caribbean Connect desires to make disciples, facilitate start multiplying small groups and equip Caribbean people to take the Good News to those who are still waiting to hear. 

Bringing the Kingdom of God close to people in the Caribbean and around the world.

  Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt.6:10 ESV)


Breaking down barriers, crossing boundaries, going beyond culture, taking the Good News from the Caribbean to the nations!

A multitude of disciples equipped to make Christ known


Caribbean Connect Global Mission Network exists to:

Forge partnerships with mission organizations to leverage the Caribbean church to:

  1. Identify

  2. Attract

  3. Equip

  4. Mobilize a network of support

  5. Facilitate deploying Caribbean mission workers to the nations


Making disciples to make disciples among the nations

Mobilize churches to start churches that will multiply

Train Disciples

Who will grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ as they rapidly multiply themselves to make Christ know to the nations.

"... and teaching them to obey all things I have commanded you ..."

    Revitalizing local churches

Helping churches to review their purpose, clarify their vision and strategically engage in their mission for the glory of the Father

Training & Equipping Leaders

To train others to train others also

What they have learned from us in the presence of many witnesses they teach to others who will be able to teach others also

Mobilize churches to send and support global mission workers

To bless the nations as they have received the blessings of the Lord

Some Caribbean Mission Workers across the Caribbean and the World

Cultivating young minds. 

Forging meaningful Partnerships


GOING from the Caribbean to the


So that those who are still waiting to hear the Good News might hear