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Errol Dee Rattray

International Evangelist/President/CEO
Errol Rattray Evangelistic Asociation (EREA)

Evangelist Rattray was born in a small district called Banks in the Plains of Vere located in the parish of Clarendon.  A born-again Christian since he was a second former at Glenmuir High School in Jamaica, Evangelist Rattray has been an evangelist for the last 39 years.

A former life underwriter, he spent two years with British American Insurance Company, then 10 years with Mutual Life Insurance Company now Guardian Life. While he had a successful career in this area, Evangelist Rattray always had a passion to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1989, Evangelist Rattray quit his job and went to work full-time with Jamaica Youth For Christ He became chairman of the National Executive Council and served for five (5) years. During this time he also gave pastoral oversight to the Fellowship Circuit of Baptist Churches in Portland.

In 2000, he formed the Errol Rattray Evangelistic Association (EREA) which is dedicated to addressing the spiritual and moral issues challenging Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa and places where there are large pockets of Caribbean descendants. The Ministry focuses on communicating life-changing messages through Crusades (locally and overseas), Prayer Ministry, Training Seminars, Conferences, Special Projects and Media Ministry. He hosts his own weekly radio programme “The Hour of Inspiration” on Roots FM 96.1.

Evangelist Rattray has served the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals, The  Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) Evangelism Commission, the National Church Alliance and is a former Board member of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).  He currently serves on the Kingston   KESWICK Council, The National Committee for Peace, Unity, Healing and Justice, Executive Chairman of Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness and has attended many of the major World Conference on Evangelism including the most recent Conference held in South Africa in October 2010.  During World Cup 2007 Evangelist Rattray spearheaded a national clean up campaign.

He is happily married to Heather Joy Maureen for 40 years and is a committed family man. Evangelist Rattray is a leader at the Mamby Park Baptist Church.