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Caribbean Connect exists to facilitate the recruiting, training and sending of mission-
aries from the Caribbean to the ends of the earth. We do this through partnerships with local churches and denominations across the Caribbean Islands.

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Posted: Nov 19, 2014

APRIL 2015


GARIFUNA of Guatemala


Some good, helpful material to get started is by opening up the Ethnologue Report for Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Nicaraugua.   ( )      

The Garifuna are scattered all around.  The largest population of them is in Honduras.  They are also found in Guatemala, Belize, and in Nicaragua.  In the U.S. there are also sizeable populations in New York and in other cities.  In Central America we estimate that the evangelical population is less than two percent making them unreached.  There is much African religion mixed into the worship of many areas, including spirit possession and dancing rituals to give power and control over life and relationships.


Posted: Nov 19, 2014



You feel God is calling you and you see yourself, some day, in an international company or an overseas posting.  Your vision for life tightly connects work and ministry.  Your university studies or recent travel experiences are providing a strong foundation for that vision. You are now investigating what else you might need to integrate work and cross-cultural ministry as a sought-after marketplace professional.

Yes you are a teacher!  a journalist!  a medical personnel or even an engineer!  Perhaps, you are a student who is studying abroad. Let’s explore how we might partner together with you and your church in getting the Good News to the nations!  We can make it happen!

Please contact: or
Call 268 726 9757 for additional information

Unreached People Groups

Unreached People of the Day


Pontic Greek of Turkey
Population: 318,000
Primary Language: Pontic
Primary Religion: Islam
% Evangelical: 0.00
Status: Unreached

To learn more about people groups and what it means to be a UPG (unreached people group) check out the Joshua Project.